Calling All Individuals Who Are Currently Suffering From Unhealthy Gut Problems...

“Discover How Anyone Can Effectively Eliminate ‘Leaky Gut’, Candida Overgrowth, Yeast Infections, Irritable Bowel Syndromes And More...
The Fast And Convenient Way!”

Read On To Find Out How This ‘Centuries Old’ Formula From The East Regained My Gut Health After 10 Long Years Of Being Sick And Confused!

Hi there, my name is Damon, and for the past decade or so, I have been battling with various gut issues like Yeast Infection, Leaky Gut, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) to no avail.

I was constantly dealing with joint pains, embarrassing digestive problems, never-ending fatigue, insomnia and mild depression just to name a few.

To make things worse... most of the solutions that I found just weren’t working out for me. I tried many different diets and probiotics solutions on the market and all of them turned out to be duds.


I didn’t have much of a choice actually... I knew I had to do something in order to be able to live a normal and happy life once again.

And So, I Took Matters Into My Own Hands.

I literally scoured the internet seeking for a proper solution to my problems.

The more I dig, the more I realise that I was not alone in this whole ordeal. So many people are suffering from the same problems that I had to face and most of these people had no solution to their gut related ailments at all.


Fortunately, After Much Perseverance...
I Finally Found A Solution!

I managed to discover a secret liquid based traditional probiotic formula and it was a powerful remedy that has been used by traditional masters in the beautiful country of Japan for centuries to improve their gut health.

This was something way different than the usual powdered or capsuled probiotics that I had been taking all those years!

Since I had nothing to lose, I took the leap and gave it an honest try.

In just 2 short weeks, I was seeing a HUGE significant improvement to my conditions.

After 8 weeks, I felt like a fresh new person. I was cured and I’ve never been this healthy in my life!

My Body Was Filled With Energy And All My Digestive Problems Were Gone!

That’s why I decided to do something to help all those people out there who are forced to go through the same dreadful pain that I had to deal with for the past 10 long years.

I created a brand new potent probiotic supplement to improve the general wellbeing of our human gut.



Thanks to that remarkable formula that I found and duly perfected, I am now producing this amazing ‘Gut Savior’ in the UK. I made doubly sure that Meijito probiotic worked wonders by maintaining it in its purest liquid form.

You see, after many years of being the ‘guinea pig’ and many hours of tireless research, I came to realize that most of the probiotics found in the market today that are prepared in powdered or capsule form are sadly... ineffective!


When probiotics are consumed in powdered or capsule forms, the live bacteria within gets destroyed fast in the digestive intestinal tracts because it simply cannot resist the acidic environment.

That’s why no matter how ‘Expensive’ your probiotics are... it just won’t work to their fullest potential as long as these pills are consumed in these forms!

You’d most probably be just wasting your money!

On the other hand, MEIJITO is a 100% water-based supplement and it comes with 10 billion plus Live and Active cultures in every serving.

Since it is in a liquidated state, our uniquely formulated probiotic strains can arrive and thrive in your gut to help improve your microbiome fast when consumed as directed.

12 Stains – 10 Billion CFUs For Increased Potency!

12 Strains and 10 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) served in potent fast-acting liquid form.

Every bottle of Meijito is made with extreme care and every strain of bacteria is cultured professionally in a safe and clean environment.

We go through heaps and lengths to ensure that our product is made with ALL-ORGANIC ingredients that are Non-GMO, 100% Vegan Friendly, and comes with absolutely ZERO artificial sweeteners or colorings that may harm our bodies!

Yes... that’s where Meijito probiotics are different from the rest and that’s why if you want to maintain a healthy gut, stop disgusting gut related problems like nasty Yeast Infections, annoying Leaky Guts, or a Candida outbreak... you need to give us a try!

Just Take A Look At Our All Natural Formula
And Live Strains!

Meijito probiotic bottle


- 12 Strains Of Live And Active Bio Bacteria Up to 10 Billion CFUs
- Water-Based Formula (Lacto Plus Probiotic) Ensures Direct And Effective Delivery To The
- More Live And Thriving Bacteria Can Survive The Human’s Hostile Acidic Digestive Fluids
- Easily Maintain A Balance Of Good And Bad Bacteria To Build A Strong Microbiome
- Promotes Healthy And Diverse Bacteria, Yeasts, Archea, And Fungi Colonies
- No More Leaky Gut, Yeast Infections, IBS, Candida Infections, Or Any Gut Related Problems
- Clinically Lab Tested And Scientifically Proven!
- Gluten And Dairy Free
- Non-GMO And No Added Sweeteners Or Colours
- Vegan Friendly
- Formulated in Japan, And Proudly Made In The UK
- Free ‘Domestic’ Next Day Shipping Via Express Service!

Join The MEIJITO Probiotic 8-Week Cleansing Challenge!

To see the best results for taking our probiotics, we recommend committing to a complete 8 weeks cleansing course in order to thoroughly eliminate Candida Yeast Infections, or any Gut Related problems and bring your body’s microbiome back into perfect balance.

“We at Meijito Probiotics are committed to helping you improve your gut health!”

That’s why when you purchase our probiotics, you are also going to receive our FREE Diet Plan Ebook “How to Reboot your Microbiome” (worth (£47) as part of your guide through your 8-week challenge.

Plus, you’ll get a COMPLIMENTARY 1hr 1-to-1 consultation (worth £497) with me so that you can get all your questions and doubts answered. My experience with my horrible condition for the past 10 years is now your GAIN! 

[Start Your Meijito’ 8 Week Journey Today]

Caring For Your Gut Has Never Been More Affordable At Only £2.60 Per Day!

Each unit of Meijito Probiotic consists of 4 bottles at only £78 (Every bottle is carefully packed with 500ml worth of bacterial goodness!)

This is equivalent to a 1 month supply (£2.60 Per Day) and comes with a FREE 60ml measuring cup. Take 1 cup per day before bed and you are done!

Try Us For 1 Month (Free Shipping Included)
[Buy 1 Unit (Good For 1 Month) – Only £78 (Usually £99)] – SAVE £20!


Start Your 8 Weeks Cleansing Course (Free Shipping Included)
[Buy 2 Unit (Good For 2 Months) – Only £156 (Usually £198)] – SAVE £40!

Our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

All your purchases are protected by our conditional 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Since each unit consists of 4 bottles (one month’s supply), if after 2 weeks of using our products (2 bottles) and you do not notice any improvements to your body at all, all you have to do is return the remaining two bottles along with the postage fee and we’ll honor a full refund with no questions asked! You’ll be able to test 2 full bottles of our products RISK-FREE and see for yourself just how effective our unique probiotic formula is.

Plus, you get to keep my FREE Diet Plan EBook “How to Reboot your Microbiome” worth £47 even if you decide to request for a refund!

A Healthier Happy You In Just Months From Now...

Imagine yourself, just a month or two from now, being able to break free from the chains that have been holding you back from your healthiest state.

Imagine, being able to live without having to go through your daily lives suffering each day from joint pains, or infections on your body caused by a leaky gut or yeast overgrowth...

Yes, your gut is an unbelievable gateway for the human body’s wellbeing, and when you take care of it, you’ll be able to enjoy a more vibrant and energetic lifestyle like never before.

If you wish to improve your gut health and stop any gut related problems then start your Journey with Meijito Probiotics today!

Remember, your investment in your health through Meijito Probiotics is protected by our refund policy and you’ll get our FREE Diet Plan EBook “How to Reboot your Microbiome” along with a FREE 1hr Consultation with me while you enjoy our FREE shipping offer!

[Yes, I Want To Start Improving My Gut Health With Meijito Probiotics Now!]


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